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When you work with TSIC to establish a management system within your organization, we also support your efforts by offering expert/specialized training courses to equip your team with the skills they need to perform and excel.
We understand that your business need a team that possess all required skills and which are current. Our team of instructors, who are well qualified in their field of expertise, provide the essential know-how needed, through in-depth/specialized training sessions at our in-house training center or at convenient locations off-site as may be required by you.
Our training expertise covers all aspects of management systems in compliance with local, regional and international laws and regulations, also covering best practices, market insights, technological advances, new strategies etc. Through our expert training, we have helped our clients improve their products and business processes, stay in compliance with local regulations, and meet the ever-changing demands of their business.
We offer in-house trainings, tailored to your business requirements. Our expertise and accreditation guarantees you the assurance that our training programs are delivered in line with current industry benchmarks and regulations, thus helping you achieve your training goals successfully.
Some of the Specialized Training Courses
· IATF 16949 – Quality Management System For Automotive Suppliers
· ISO 13485 – Quality Management System For Medical Devices Manufacturers
· ISO 10002 – Complaint Management System
· AS 9100 – Quality Management System For Aerospace
· ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility Management System (SA8000)
· ISO/TS 29001- Quality Management Systems – Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries – Requirements for product and service supply organizations)
· HALAL Requirements
· Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) – Pharmaceutical Industries
· Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) – Cosmetic Industries
· First Aid & CPR Training
· Improvement of Managerial Capabilities
Please contact us any of your customized training needs.

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